Singer Habib acts in film

Popular singer Habib Wahid will emerge as an actor through the musical short film titled ‘Abar Tui’.

Habib will perform opposite model Ayesha Marzana in the film. The shooting of the film, written and directed by Tanimur Rahaman Ongshu, finished in some attractive locations in the famous tourism site Bali in Indonesia.

The musical film has been made based on Habib’s song Abar tui.

Explaining the reason behind giving consent to act in the musical film Habib said that he accepted the proposal as it was developed based on his popular song.

‘When Tamimur Rahaman Anghsu approached me to act in the film I could not say no to him. I am a singer and have passion for acting. But, I acted in the musical film just out of curiosity,’ Habib told New Age.

‘It also happens in Hollywood and Bollywood where actors render songs and singers sometimes act in films. We saw even Salman Khan lent voice in a Bollywood playback recently,’ Habib said.

Habib said he enjoyed acting in the musical film and got a lot of good experiences during the shooting held in Bali.

‘I hope the audience will enjoy the film when it will be uploaded on YouTube,’ Habib said.

The singer said he would also compose and sing the title song of an upcoming film Thikana, which will be directed by his father Ferdous Wahid.

Ferdous Wahid said he would make a film after four years.


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