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There are so many hairstyles that we simply cannot get enough of. Yet, when it comes to comfort and simplicity there can be none other than the classic ponytail. Whether you are attending a class, a meeting, or a party, a typical alteration to the basic style can improve the look almost instantaneously. For our readers we tried to pull up few styles, which you can easily create at home and that too within the shortest span of time. Bidding adieu to hairstyle trauma we at Star Lifestyle, we have provided you with few ponytail styling lessons.


Tilt your head over to the front or back, scoop a handful of hair and tie it up a knot at the top of your head. Do not forget to fluff up the hair. Here you go you have an instant glam look that will also elongate you face, drawing more attention to your cheekbones.

The wrap up

Sometimes when we do the high-up style the elastic band that we use to wrap up a ponytail becomes easily visible. To many this might not be a pleasant sight, especially if the rubber bands or elastic are in contrast colours to what you are wearing.

To conceal minor flaws, we can always take a thin section of hair from beneath the ponytail and tie it around the elastic, hiding it completely from view.

Where to wear these?

Anywhere! This may be sported at the phenomenal events of the year, or even the very formal office meetings. With proper makeup and dress to accompany the hairstyle you are definitely meant to stand out amongst the crowd.



Repeat the steps of the high-up style, this time at the centre of the back of your head, instead of at the top. This gives out a very calm, meaning ‘no trouble’ vibe. Very much popular amongst painters and writers, this is a no commitment style that everyone can follow.

Bubble ponytail

If you thought the mid-length pony tail was kind of drab and gave away a lack of effort look, here is how you can spice the look with the bubble braid.

First tie your hair mid-length in a tight pony tail. Then take 2-4 inch measurement gap and create another pony tail putting the extra hair through a topsy tail and locking it.

Repeat the steps to create another bubble. This can go as long as your hair allows, and looks amazing on sleek, straight and super long hair. In case you do not have any of these hair extensions can always come to the rescue.

Where to wear these?

Once again, anywhere! To cool bachelorette parties or even family gatherings like the ‘holud’ and the ‘mehendi’ nights of close friends. Wherever you sport these styles you are definitely meant to turn heads.

Mehrin Mubdi Chowdhury.

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