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Have you ever put on that tight-fitting dress that you can’t breathe in?

Have you ever worn that pair of stilettos or pumps that left you with knackering heels and blistered ankles?

Let’s be honest ladies! Right from the time of corsets till now, we all have worn garments or accessories that are painful and uncomfortable- just to make a fashion statement! Again, when it comes to special occasions like festivals and parties, we often go overboard sacrificing comfort for fashion. But this festive season brand Womaniya comes to the rescue with its cool and comfy festive collection.

The brand Womaniya is an interesting collaboration of comfort and elegance with simplicity as a bonus. Owned and founded by Parishmita Deka, this north-eastern brand offers its clients beautifully tailored garments which speak out the motto ‘style is comfort’.

The garments are exclusively made in Guwahati and Morigaon under the supervision of the patron herself to ensure an impeccable quality.

Comfort is in Womaniya’s blood and the same can be seen incorporated in each and every festive piece. The collection dominantly has quarter and A-line dresses with fabrics that go well with the skin. Perfect for the stressful weather! The fabrics used are crepe, cotton, cotton rayon, satin, linens etc which can make one look and feel great at the same time.

Whether it’s pandal hopping or a cocktail party, you can don a Womaniya creation and rock the floor.

Pastel tones are a classic fall staple hence a must add to your wardrobe this festive season. And this fact is well taken care of by the brand. The feminine hues like cool aqua, buttercup, and soft peach comprise this year’s festive collection of Womaniya. Whether you are a dramatic diva or a muted maiden or somewhere in between the two, these shades will work for all the beautiful ladies out there.

The added perk is that these shades allow you to mix and match adding more zing to the look. Crafted for sheer comfort, the brand is progressively attempting to outshine the contemporary trends showcasing a perfect fusion of ‘feel good’ and ‘look good’.

So, go Womaniya this festive season!

Meet the Patron


Born in a small town like Morigaon, Parishmita gradually realized that her mind was actually set on designing and eventually left for Jaipur to pursue her dreams.

However, returning back to Morigaon after completing her PG in Fashion Designing from Pearl Academy, Jaipur, the designer was sulking into depression. The small town was limiting her creativity.

But a ray of hope struck her threshold one winter morning when her mother told her to design a jacket for her which the budding designer did.

“My mom was sitting in our boutique wearing the jacket that I made and some customers came to her and appreciated the jacket. I was surprised when one customer even asked me to make a similar jacket for her,” says the excited patron.

“And yes! That was the beginning, I started getting more orders and everything started falling into place,” adds Parishmita

Talking about the brand name Parishmita reveals that the word ‘Womaniya’ is very close to her heart.

“Going back to my Pearl days… Once I was working on my final year project with my earplugs on. Just then this song O Womaniya ah ha Womaniya from the movie Gangs of Wasseypur was playing. The song enthralled me. And I decided then and there itself that whenever I will start my own brand, I will name it Womaniya,” she reveals.

Taking the regime of her dreams at a very young age, Parishmita is sewing her way into the wardrobes of many fashionistas in the northeast. Source: northeasttoday.

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